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Enterprise Application Integration

Sriven Technologies has developed a unique approach to integrating enterprise packaged applications for its clients. SrivenTech Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and BPM services help cost-effectively integrate complex, disparate systems across your business. This allows an unrestricted flow of information so you can react to rapidly-moving market conditions.

SrivenTech integrates your business processes across your company and provides a superstructure for data exchange with your business partners, enabling you to benefit from:

    »  Streamlined internal business processes for greater operational efficiency
    »  Increased visibility across enterprise boundaries
    »  Consistent, personalized information
    »  Synergistic upstream/downstream decision-making
    »  Enhanced customer and supply chain relationships
    »  Effective communication and integration of diverse applications throughout your enterprise
    »  More flexible infrastructure to support new business opportunities

Our Expertise Ensures Your Successful Integration Projects
When you select SrivenTech to integrate your enterprise packaged applications, you gain our in-depth knowledge of application differences in the business logic and data structures, as well as our ability to select a high quality and reliable integration platform that’s right for your business. We measure the success of each of our integration projects by ensuring that they provide:

    »  Near 100% reliability
    »  Fast implementation
    »  Easy administration and maintenance
    »  Support for open standards
    »  Flexibility and scalability

SrivenTech application integration, business process management (BPM) and service oriented architectures (SOA) have helped businesses worldwide benefit from:

    »  Improved collaboration within the organization and with external partners
    »  Consistent, personalized information
    »  Streamlined internal business processes for greater operational efficiency
    »  Increased enterprise visibility of information and business processes
    »  Synergistic upstream/downstream decision-making
    »  Enhanced customer and supply chain relationships
    »  More flexible infrastructure to support new business opportunities

SrivenTech integrates our client’s investments in existing systems and transforms organizations by enabling the sharing of information across enterprise boundaries. Our EAI services range from assessment and design to implementation and management.

Our proven delivery models and internally developed EAI methods enable us to work on a wide range of projects, no matter the size or complexity. SrivenTech EAI services support, complement, and enhance our other services, including application development, ERP, CRM, data warehousing, knowledge management, and enterprise packaged implementation.

SrivenTech integration experts are well-versed in all the major integration tools, standards, and middleware products, including:

    »  Websphere MQ Series
    »  Websphere Message Broker
    »  Websphere Data Power
    »  WSRR
    »  WebMethods
    »  Tibco

Whether integrated through traditional middleware strategies or a service oriented architecture (SOA), SrivenTech helps clients redefine their business processes. The ability to proactively manage business processes creates better business alignment and leads to faster decision making—which are critical tools in a rapidly changing global market.